About Aaron
Hi, name is Aaron Darko, I'm an entrepreneur from London, England. I help entrepreneurs optimize their health through my infamous 5-Step Health Mastery System.

My philosophy is... Health should be simple and effortless. The minimum effective dose to reach our goals and stay OUT of the hospital and doctors office is what I focus on - long term health not just initial weight loss. This all starts with psychology, which is a major part of the Health Mastery System.

After 27 years of not placing any real importance on my health and not being consistent (apart from some sporadic workouts here and there)... justifying why I needed to "work more" instead of eat healthy, sleep better and workout consistently every week, I turned my life around.

Now, maintaining a lean, strong physique and having an easy to follow way of eating, are things that come easily to me. I am passionate about helping others to get to that level where health is just automatic and easy for them. I believe that if someone knows a lot about a subject, they have a moral obligation to help others with what they know.

His specialty is working with entrepreneurs to help them master their health for the rest of their life so they can look and feel younger and have all day energy to perform at their peak everyday.

Aaron’s clients are some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. He has helped them breakthrough their limiting beliefs and bad health habits so they can now effortlessly lead a healthy lifestyle empowering everyone around them to do the same.

Aaron believes nutrition is simple, people try to over-complicate it because there's a lot of money to be made if the general public believe nutrition is complicated... its not.

Aaron is in the business of referral clients not repeat clients. When he works with clients it is his sincere goal that after they're done working together, they no longer need him. Those clients end up referring him to their friends and family because he got them the results they came to him for and then some.

The 5 Core components of the Health Mastery System are:
1. Mindset + Lifelong Healthy Habits
2. Sleep + Stress Management
3. Fasting
4. Nutrient Dense Nutrition
5. Movement + Resistance Training

You won't find any meal plans or calorie counting restriction around here. We do things differently where we consume a lot of animal protein and fat and minimal carbs. The breakdown of that varies per client.

We train you on how to know when you're actually hungry vs emotional hunger and how to become more aware of how full you are after a meal. We give you that accountability you need to succeed.

We also help you eat more intuitively where you're not relying on some "calorie counter" to know how to eat food... we believe that is not sustainable nor necessary when you're eating Nutrient Dense food (rather than consuming empty calories)

We are not dogmatic in our approach to nutrition... we follow the 80/20 rule where 80% of what you're eating is excellent and the 20% are the foods you can indulge in.

Most of our clients find they indulge much less (more like 10%) because they are giving their bodies the nutrients it needs to thrive thus making the sugary stuff become less appealing.

The training aspect of our program is designed based on your goals and what physical activity you enjoy the most. If you don't enjoy the process, you'll never be able to sustain the results. That's the problem with most other programs out there. They're too regimented and don't follow a holistic approach where they're focused on incremental lifestyle changes.

Aaron has made it his life's mission to help 100,000 entrepreneurs radically transform their health. The ripple effect from that 100,000 will impact millions and millions of people. This is how Aaron plans to change the world, one client at a time.
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