Work With Me
Here is how you can start working with me and my team to optimize YOUR health to give you confidence over your nutrition and lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Common Questions Answered

Q: How Does Coaching With You Work?

If you're sick and tired of where you're at with your health, if you know you need to get on the good trajectory toward longevity, vitality and sky high energy levels, Book an appointment to speak with me.

On the call you'll be able to tell me all the stuff you've tried, all the pills you're taking, everything.

We'll get you clarity on your problems and how to solve them because clarity is power. If you don't have it, you're gonna spin your wheels. Period. Its like going to doctor after doctor after doctor and no one can give you the right prescription or diagnosis - you see them, the people who are always in the doctors office because no one can figure it out.

Your health is the same way when it comes to optimizing it... if you don't get clarity on your problems and where you wanna go, you're gonna spin your wheels no matter what. Its like trying to hit a dart board when you're blindfolded!

We'll talk about the best path for YOU to see long lasting results that will make you happy again and also inspire your friends and family to make a change by YOU setting the example.

This call literally has the power to change your life. It will be the most powerful 45mins you've spent on your health.

All of our best clients started here.

It all starts with this call.

At the end of the call if I feel I can help change your life and its a good fit for both of us to work together, I'll let you know about how you can get started with one of our coaching programs.

Either way, whether you enroll in our program or not, you'll walk away with massive clarity on exactly what your problem is, what its costing you and exactly what your goal is and how to get there.

Q: What is your Health Philosophy?

The 5 Core components of the Health Mastery System are:
1. Mindset + Lifelong Healthy Habits
2. Sleep + Stress Management
3. Fasting
4. Nutrient Dense Animal Nutrition
5. Movement + Resistance Training

With our coaching we focus on your Psychology a lot, giving you regular accountability and support ensuring you are consistent building solid healthy habits.

We do not overwhelm you with information. It is a sequential process ensuring you understand what it is that you are doing so you no longer need us!

Q: Do you work with vegetarians/vegans?

Because I am a health professional I do not recommend a vegetarian or vegan diet because it is NOT optimal for long term health. With that said, if one is open to change what they are eating to start thriving with their health LONG TERM, then of course I will be open to having a call with them so long as we are a good fit.

I am all about longevity and I hope you are too, because you need to be around for as long as possible in good health for your loved ones and to fulfill your life's purpose.